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Hello! I'm Matt, a Software Engineer based in Austin, TX. From an early age I have enjoyed working with computers and other technological devices. I became interested in programming when I was about 14 years old.



Software Engineer

Full Stack Web Developer - Freelance

Web Developer

I developed websites for friends, family, and whomever had a vision that needed to be done fast and effectively!

Crushed It.

- Silicon Valley



When the DirecTV and AT&T merger took place I was responsible for setting up a section in every AT&T store which included installing a Samsung TV, Tablet, Phone, running the cables and scripts and veryifying all devices functioned properly.


Texas State University - San Marcos

Aug 2013 - May 2017

Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics


Old Personal Website

Just my old website built with React and Node.js to handle to form submit! The project links, contact page, and resume page all still work fine!

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Ambitious Animals Clothing Co.

Clothing website I built for a friend, products page is coming soon.

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Beer ABV for Mobile

Search for any beer and find out its alcohol percentage.

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Notes App

Notes app I made with React,, Google Cloud Storage, and Firebase.

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